Business Continuity Management


“The increasing use of information technology ,in most important productive sectors regions, demands superior IT services management ,not only for high performance services organization.

Today requirements is to keep running essentials functions from disruptive incidents. In addition the relevance of the information, demands for any business model, to maintain necessary process during and after a disaster, and in case of shutdown assess what to do ? minimizing service business downtime.

The working guidance (approach / direction) for D&A exceed planes and strategic guides for technological contingency, it also address alternatives and work plans to ensure that basic business units remain functional ,with minimal resources, delivering services to client’s portfolio. Also (In addition) display possible logistics condition that operatives units would need to stay up, under contingency and stress test plans, running exercise.

Products that cover this practice include:

  • Internal Risk Analysis
  • Context Risk Analysis
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Recovery Scenarios
  • Continuity Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Recovery Scripts
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Tests and Simulations
  • Maintenance of the plans
Business Impact Analysis

The Business Impact Analysis it’s used to ascertain ( estimate) the potential effects that an organization could face , due to an accident emergency or disaster .Is focus on identification analysis and valuations of threats ,based on their impact on critical assets and the likelihood of occurrence. Our BIA is developed to provide (obtain) the financial impact related to on interruption or disaster,throgh the costs and potential unrealized income linked to failures.

Enviroment Risk Assesment

Similar to the analysis of environmental risks, the methodology is applied to understand the environment in with organization facilities are located, in order to know the likelihood that natural and anthropogenic factors, could affect an organization.The risk analysis is performed to know ,the main vulnerability and threats that could promote ( cause) a disruption the continuity. Therefore consider the actions ,in order to mitigate adverse effects and minimize the likelihood of materialization of aviability event’s, in this instance IT systems and data are adversity impact.

Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery

“The development of Business Continuity Planning ( BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) has become non stop (recurrent)practices ,in organizations that requires high accessible. With the purpose to avoid financial and reputational impacts, that could affect, the quality of services and product differentiation, to external and internal costumers.

Both plans, the BCPs to support the continuity of the business processes and the DRP to support the continuity of the technological services are based on the ISO / IEC 22301 and HB 292 standards, allowing to develop plans that can cover(Safeguard – preserval) all possible materialization conditions and scenarios that may interrupt or affect the continuity of our clients’ operations”

Crisis Management

We prepare the organization and standardized process, that involves a strategic deployment of communications ,intended to manage situations of extreme affectation, that seek to stop crisis and mitigate loss of brand and reputation. There may be different types of crisis. During a crisis ( during one) the best element of control is keeping calm and not getting emotional ,there is no room for improvisation.

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