We setup risk scenarios, associated to your business,and minimize the impact.

Because we deliver provide pragmatics solutions based on experience, consistent monitoring and review of risk environment relevant to your business.

Establecer el nivel de riesgo acorde al perfil de riesgo de nuestros clientes...

Generar valor a nuestros clientes con base a la destacada calidad, observancia de sus principios y experiencia para responder a las cambiantes necesidades del entorno

We offer quality advise

Our specialized consulting services, supported by innovative technology, allows us to drive your business growth, and risk management in every possible scenario.

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    Ofrecemos asesorías de alta calidad

    Nuestros servicios especializados de consultoría tecnológica nos permite optimizar la gestión de tu organización en cada posible escenario. El constante análisis del entorno nos permite mejorar continuamente la forma de apoyar a cada uno de nuestros clientes.

    Our specialty

    Financial Services

    With experience going back to 1989, we are specialist in financial institutions and regulators. Our products and services bring the highest quality standards, meeting and exceeding customers expectations.


    We develop risk management models and monitor compliance of Solvency II directive.

    Other sectors if economic services

    We develop business continuity Plans and security models for payment processor,good and services sector ,and electric and utility industry.

    Profesional Services

    Tecnology Risk Management

    We messure the efficiency in the use of technology. IT investments are justified and mitigate risk. Addresses internal and external compliance with it management risk.

    Information Security Management

    We identify threats and vulnerabilities through risk analysis,and develop the toolkits and models that support the information security management system (ISMS)

    Business Continuity Management

    We provide organizations with methods and procedures ,that allows to reasume and reastor critical functions, reducing exposure and avoiding unnaceptable downtime,after a disruption or disaster.

    Tecnological Information Mangement

    We leads our clients to setup their tecnological base,keeping align tecnological goals with business goal and giving a competitive edge.

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      The appropriate dimension of the Alternate Data Center

      The appropriate dimension of the Alternate Data Center

      Sometimes we meet at meetings where we are asked: What is the appropriate size of the alternate data processing center? From experience we know that it is a fairly common question. It involves developing an appreciable budget for this center that will be defended...

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      The Risk of Procrastination

      The Risk of Procrastination

      "My mission today is: Avoid, defer, postpone ..." Procrastinating is the action of leaving for tomorrow what we should do today. This is given because people will prefer to postpone important activities that demand their attention, representing a certain complexity....

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