Information Security Management

“The practical approach of information security management face daily threats, from inside and outside organizations. The overall approach must consider the following aspects:

The scale of malware in business today are in constant evolution, malicious files, ransomware attacks, hacking and cracking technics. Login information for itself is not enough, monitoring and preparation must be part of the cyber security capability and plans.

The basics not the less. Not all the information assets have the same importance (Information have a short lifecycle) so they must be classified according to topics, level of sensitive, impact for business, recovery priority for customer service.

Keeping pace with IT strategic or Business. The constant evolution and rapid spread of information technology causes big impact on an organization, that doesn’t grow, evolve and stay up to date with information security trends. The information asset owner must ensure that information is usable for business needs. Knowing threats identifying potential vulnerabilities lead to identify security threats. Ensuring virus protection by itself is not enough. Organizations must combine experience and knowledge tools, managing need to protect process and information assets.

Today work habits have moved out of the office, such as telecommuting workers for example, this new environment and remote working lifestyle’s requires to develop and adopt new policies, train and commits the staff, to improve cyber awareness, in order to guarantee the appropriate protective controls.

D&A Consultants develop and deploy information security management systems ,adapted to the best practices and compliance requirements for an organization, obtaining fast and efficient results.

  • Risk profile
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Strategic planning
  • Roads Maps
  • Capability Maturity Models
  • Key Risk Indicators.

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