Business Continuity Management

The increasing use of information technology, in most important productive sectores regions,demands superior IT services management, not only for high performance services organization.

Assesst Management

Assets management information, no matter their nature, how they are initially prodcued,tangibles or electronic, represents the principal resource for organizations ,besides financial soundness.

Strategic Planning

The high volatility of economic variables and the fiscal pro-cyclicality requieres constant re evaluation of strategic planning,from financial institutions and a strong approach to markets

Information Security Management

D&A Consultants ,develop and deploy information security managment systems ,adapted to the best practices and compliance requirements for an organization , obtaining fast and efficient results.

Tech Risk Management

Duran & Associates Risk Consultants established an effective way to work with organizations ,based on the process evaluation methodlogy,in maturity model for technological management, in their experiences and knowledge,bringuing advise with there technology’s installed base

Risk Management

Dispensse (Supply) a guideline,an intergarl model,that allow organizations measure and quantify the impact of risk for business,set the foundations that allowed to link compliance key performance indicators ( KPI) in a a blance scorecard ,to highlights and record the level of exposure

Process Management

D&A have the knowledge and experience to help organizations design process architecture, and develop each one end to end. In order to deliver value and optimize outcomes to their mission and vison

The appropriate dimension of the Alternate Data Center

The appropriate dimension of the Alternate Data Center

Sometimes we meet at meetings where we are asked: What is the appropriate size of the alternate data processing center? From experience we know that it is a fairly common question. It involves developing an appreciable budget for this center that will be defended...

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The Risk of Procrastination

The Risk of Procrastination

"My mission today is: Avoid, defer, postpone ..." Procrastinating is the action of leaving for tomorrow what we should do today. This is given because people will prefer to postpone important activities that demand their attention, representing a certain complexity....

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