Strategic Planing

“The high volatility of economic variables and the fiscal pro-cyclicality requires constant re evaluation of strategic planning, from financial institutions and a strong time to market approach ,in order to be able to extract the maximum benefit from the opportunities that can offer at a given time.

At the time profits margins are narrowing , organizations must develop new strategic to protect business and grow incomes.

This environment and strategic answers, have operational implications that requires a solid technology leveraging that empower the quality of information analysis and information security.”

Strategic Definition

At this stage strategic must be define and develop, be aware that information technology goals, must be align with business organization goals. Considering procurement, governance and portfolio administration strategic in a framework for information technology best practices.


Architecture is defined , evaluation procurement models for technology services are generated (RFP-RFI-RFQ).Set your project portfolio and establish priorities, what project you need to address first.


Quality assurance parameters are defined and set, is important to define roles and responsibilities to guide and oversees the process and deployment of portfolio products.

Administration and evaluation

The measurements framework is developed, related with the total cost of ownership, efficiency of IT resources, customer satisfaction and all the KPI associated with IT.

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